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<< Morning & Afternoon tea >>

Apple, berry, custard danishes

Almond, chocolate, raspberry friand

Pear and raspberry or banana & honey bread

House made lemon curd, chocolate & berry parchment muffins  

Nutella chocolate croissants

Corn, feta & ricotta cake w avocado salsa  

Prosciutto, kumera, feta frittata, red onion marmalade 

Honey yoghurt, dried apples, toasted muesli trifle  

Mini smoked ham & cheddar cheese butter croissants 

Double chocolate walnut brownie 

House baked scones w clotted cream, strawberry jam

Seasonal fruit platter w orange syrup & dried fruits  

Glazed corella pear normandy tarts

Profiteroles filled w chocolate patisserie cream    

Walnut, lemon biscotti 

Frangelico crème brulee 

Strawberry & fig balsamic jelly shot w clotted cream