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Substantial Fork food

Food presented in a Chinese rice bowl size & eaten by small metal fork

Slow cooked shoulder of lamb, risoni pasta, olives, parmesan, lemon gremolata

Vietnamese beef salad, shallot, lime, thai basil, palm sugar dressing

Slow cooked Chinese beef, choy sum, iceberg, shitake mushroom, ho sin sauce

Grilled salmon w chunky chips & homemade tar-tare sauce

Beef burgundy petit pie pots

Indian butter chicken w coriander yogurt & jasmine rice

Malaysian beef curry, tomatoes, mild chili, coconut cream

Moroccan lamb tagine w prunes, apricots, saffron & lemon cous cous

Thai chicken jungle curry w pumpkin, mint, shallots & rice

Mini beef burger w bacon, cheese, advocado salsa

Cocktail size hotdog w pork sausage, caramelized onions