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Crispy slow cooked pork w palm sugar caramel sauce*

Pork belly braised in Chinese master stock w pumpkin puree *

Zataar of quail, roasted capsicum jam, pomegranate seeds *

Prosciutto & gruyere cheese croque monsieur

Dukkah spiced lamb cutlets w caramelized lemons *

Wagyu beef, truffle enoki mushrooms, tarragon bread salsa

Seared duck breast & lentil dahl w pickled grape tomato

Peking duck, chili eggplant, shallot rice paper rolls *

Roasted quail, chicken pate, grape marmalade *

Japanese pork & shitake mushroom, gyoza cooked in Vietnamese dressing

Demi-tasse soup of miso & beef cheeks *

Wagyu steak, prosciutto mignon w béarnaise sauce *

Chinese twice cooked BBQ chicken wings

Honey Duck breast, caramelized witlof, kumquat jam *

Chicken liver pate, poached grape, gherkin, sourdough